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Darix makes augmented reality applications for professionals. We are successfully supporting firefighters to better understand their environment, technicians to address difficult tasks on-site, and are using the powers of augmented reality to support professionals during their work. Darix can help you find and apply the right AR technologies for your needs and augment your business! We can support you on all aspects of a project life cycle: problem analysis, prototyping, solution architecture and development. But what makes us special?

The visualization experts

When on the job, more information only helps you when presented in a clear and intuitive way. With a long experience in data processing and visualization, we can provide you with just the information you need.

User-centric design

Every application is different and a solution only works if it is tailored to your needs and processes. By making the user central from the first step, we can ensure satisfying solutions for both the end-user and your business.

Sensor processing and integration

Before the right information can be displayed, it needs to be aggregated from different sources. We work with a large number of sensors, handheld or head-worn such as thermal cameras and 3D scanners and combine it with cloud sources such as IOT sensors to find the right value-adding data set for your application.


VizIR - See through the smoke

Heavy smoke slows down firefighters during their work. Our VizIR solution enables them to see through the smoke and increases their efficiency and safety. Darix has unique and intuitive visualisation algorithms that allow non intrusive handsfree thermal imaging.

Thanks to a hands-free operation VizIR allows for a much more efficient firefighting, enabling shorter intervention times and lowering fire and water damages.

Firefighters need to know their environment and be able to act quickly in all situations. VizIR allows them to have much more information and freedom than standard equipment.

Designed with and tested by professional firefighters, VizIR is built from the start with the end-user in mind.


Augmented Vision

Darix’ signature technology allows the user to see non-visible information from a relevant sensor in his field of view. It gives a greater understanding of the world while maintaining free hands to get the job done.

Easy detection of important features, leaks and hot spots in various environments, for technicians and first responders

Seeing in any visible conditions (smoke, fog, complete darkness) greatly improves spatial awareness

Easily read temperatures and other measurements for increased safety and efficiency

Remote video assistance

Ever wished you could see through someone's else eyes? Darix has developed live video communication and visual feedback applications on wearable devices, greatly increasing operating range and opening opportunities for new service business cases.

Avoid unnecessary travel by supporting field technicians with the best knowledge available in the organisation or perform remote training

Firefighters, field nurses and policemen can also benefit from constant communication with HQ

Bi-directional visual communication adds workflows, plans or annotated images and can increase even more the quality of the interventions

Environmental mapping and in-situ visualization

Cheap and powerful depth sensors enable quick measurements and mapping of rooms and objects. Darix can help you integrating such information into the sales and service workflow and speed up your business.

Precise and lightning fast measurements of available space with no training required

Visualize directly how your product could integrate to a specific space, be it a sanatory/heating system or pieces of furniture

Win time and money by visiting a potential client only once and improving the sales impression


Our story

Back in 2014, two passionate engineers started having this crazy idea of allowing firefighters to see through smoke and darkness. After a long period of research at the Swiss Federal Technology Institute in Lausanne we created a company, Darix, to commercialise this revolutionary product. We are currently a small team, working from Renens, Switzerland, but we are growing fast, and looking for motivated new colleagues! Are you passionate about applying technology to where it has the most impact, and do you think you have the right experience and skills to make a change, come and join us! Do you recognise yourself in one of the profiles below, or do you want to spontaneously apply, please send us a mail with a CV and short motivation to jobs@darix.ch.

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